OEM wheels by Brand and factory wheel rims for every year, make and model. Thousands of original wheels and replacement rims, new and refinished to Like New, just for your vehicle. Unfortunately, sooner or later you will scrape one or two of your wheels, or crack a rim when hitting a pothole. You wouldn’t wear an expensive suit with old worn out shoes. In the same way, damaged wheels are unsightly on your great car or truck. Even worse, if any of your OEM wheels is cracked, it will become a nuisance and will be quite unsafe to drive.

At Need-a-Wheel.com you will be able to buy another OEM factory wheel or replacement in any quantity. By purchasing the original wheels from other customers, we will give them a second chance as we recondition them. That is, each wheel is taken through a structural checking process and is completely stripped to be refinished anew to factory specs. The result is that you can purchase a Like New, excellent factory wheel for up to 70% off the Dealer MSRP price. In addition, we offer you FREE SHIPPING within the Continental US.

You can also take advantage of our popular WHEEL TRADE and EXCHANGE program! Designed for our customers in mind, you can send us your old OEM wheels to receive credit on your purchases. Undoubtable this will put money in your pocket and free some space in your garage. Please consult the program by clicking the link above.