Why should only OEM parts be selected for cars?

When you plan to replace your car parts, you have two options to choose from – aftermarket parts or factory OEM parts. Take in consideration that aftermarket wheels are designed by third parties and lack proper fitment approval with the intended car model. On the other hand, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts are designed by the brand that designed the car itself.

OEM WheelsWhile buying OEM parts, you can be sure that the part comes for a trusted dealership that has hired experts and uses the finest materials for the purpose. Every part comes with a limited warranty. Even some reconditioned or refurbished parts are available with warranty from the supplier.

When you receive a factory part, you know the quality is as per your expectations. The part will perform exactly the way you expect it to. The compatibility is another factor that makes them worth purchasing. In other words, the wheels will fit properly to the vehicle they were intended for.

If we talk about durability, the OEM parts remain functional for a longer period of time than aftermarket parts. Also, the performance of the car gets streamlined with these parts. Specially in finicky upscale vehicles from BMW, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Porsche and Ferrari, to name a few.This means you don’t have to purchase new products at retail prices now and then.

More often than not, car owners skip the importance of quality in lieu of price. With a genuine, factory product, your safety is not compromised.

Need-a-wheel.com, after realizing the importance of OEM parts, started offering OEM wheels for different car brands, like Volkswagen, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Jeep. The company sells reconditioned OEM wheels through its online store. Reconditioned means the wheels are tested for different issues and are refinished. You can also get factory wheels for GMC, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge and many more from the store.



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