Why are OEM alloy wheels so popular?

OEM Alloy Wheels are taking the lead in 2017

Why are OEM alloy wheels so popular lately? Well, a car is a machine with numerous options to upgrade. One such modification is that of wheels. Aluminum alloy wheels, which are now the mainstay of the wheel industry, are are popular favorite. Steel wheels are inexpensive, but hubcaps are easy to loose and seem to be a favorite for a hoodlum to steal.

Forty years ago, the aluminum wheels were an option mainly used for racing cars. They were found to be much lighter and practical that their steel counterparts. But in the 70’s they became popular for regular cars, too.

Very first reason behind their popularity is their great looks. In fact, a lot of car drivers choose them mainly because of aesthetic appeal. The alloy rims are available in different finishes, which includes painted, polished, and chrome. Various wheel manufacturers allow customers to customize the wheel as per their choice.

The major component of an alloy wheel is aluminum. And due to this material, alloy wheels are lighter than their steel counterparts. The lower unsprung weight results in better handling of cars. You are also able to accelerate the car easily due to this feature, which can also result in little improvement of the gas mileage.

The wheel manufacturers mix aluminum with other metals to develop wheels that are more robust than regular steel wheels. The chances of cracking and bending are less in aluminum wheels, as they disperse heat in a better manner. It also ensures more efficient braking.

If you are using OEM wheels, you can be sure that more prospects will take interest in your car when you plan to sell it. The only thing that car owners don’t like about alloy wheels is their high prices.

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