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Many customers get confused on how wheels are reconditioned or what sort of warranty comes with these wheels. To remove the opacity from these points, we present answers to frequently asked questions.

What is meant by a reconditioned wheel?

Also known as a manufactured wheel, a reconditioned wheel is an OEM wheel, a take-off from the original vehicle that has been tested for functionality and imperfections. It is also refinished so that the appearance is to manufactory specifications, made to look like a new rim.

How is the reconditioning done?

At our reconditioning facility, we check balancing and true center of the wheels. To remove imperfections, the wheels go through the surface preparation process. This is followed by refinishing process that consists of powder coating, colorizing, machiningor polishing the rim surface. A protective clear coat is applied in the final phase and cured in an special oven to ensure uniformity.

What are the shipping policies?

We ship the orders one or two days after the checkout has been done. In case of a delay, we inform the customers about the same. We do not attach any shipping charges for OEM wheels delivered within the states of the Continental US. The shipping is done through UPS Ground Service.

Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, as well as International shipping is done via USPS Priority service.

For which car brands are the wheels available?

The company offers rims for more than 45 brands of cars. OEM wheels for BMW, Audi and Ford are the most popular among the available options.

What type of warranty comes with these wheels?

On every reconditioned wheel, a structural lifetime warranty is offered. You can get your rim replaced in case of issues like improper balance or function. The warranty is also applicable for fitment with the vehicle and vibrations related to wheels.

You can know more about the reconditioned wheels by visiting our website.

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