Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have put together a list of questions from our current and past customers. Some may match your questions, so we hope that this section will provide you with some answers. From questions about purchasing OEM wheels, to inquires on stock rims exchange and recycling of damaged wheels. Click on the question to read it’s answer.

What is a Reconditioned wheel?

Reconditioned or remanufactured usually applies to factory OEM rims that have been checked for imperfections and functionality, stripped of their finish and refinished anew to match the original look and presentation of the wheels. The finish of the face of the rims is the considered Like New.

What is the difference between OEM Wheels and Replacement wheels?

OEM wheels (Original Equipment from Manufactory) are stock rims originally installed on the vehicle by the manufacturer and bearing its brand seal.

Replacement wheels are made as a replica to the OEM rims that perfectly match their design, finish and fitment, but not necessarily made or installed by the original manufacturer.

How do you recondition OEM wheels?

We test all OEM rims. We check for true center and balancing. So far, only 4.3 % of the wheels we get need straightening or centering. Then all wheels undergo a surface preparation to eliminate imperfections before refinishing. Finally we refinish the wheel by colorizing, machining or polishing its surface before applying a protective clear coat. We also re-test the wheels before shipping.

Do you offer a guarantee on your wheels?

We offer a Structural Lifetime Warranty on all reconditioned wheels. That means that these OEM rims are guaranteed to fit the vehicle for which they were intended, balance correctly with a quality tire and function properly, free of vibration.

Will the color of the reconditioned wheels match the other wheels on my vehicle?

They will. We will match the OEM finish and color to of the wheels to factory specs. But you must consider that your current rims are weathered and the refurbished wheels look brand new.

Shipping is free for OEM Rims?

YES, shipping is free within the 48 States of the Continental US on all OEM Rims. We also ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, but here the buyer is liable for UPS shipping charges.

I am buying Stock Rims, do you Trade Rims?

YES, as long as they are OEM. You can send us your information and a few pics of your rims, through our Wheel Exchange form here. We will determine the value of your trade wheels, depending on the model and condition of wheel reviewed on a per case basis.

Do you Recycle?

YES. Aren’t we all? We must be concerned about the world be leave to our children. We buy scrap wheels and tires for recycling. We also recycle our packing materials as much as possible, while ensuring the same quality packing. The only thing we use that is not recyclable is the packing tape, and we welcome ideas from anyone on a substitute with the same performance. In this way we feel we contribute to the global effort in some small manner.