Difference Between Refurbished and Reconditioned Parts

Mercedes OEM WheelsMore often than not, the consumers get confused between the terms refurbished and reconditioned. A lot of them also believe that these have same meanings. But, in reality, there is a substantial difference between reconditioned and refurbished parts.

If we talk about the primary difference, a supplier of refurbished items cleans, tests, and repackages the products. A supplier of reconditioned items also performs similar operations, but testing and repair processes are more rigorous.



The focus on refurbished items is to fix the cosmetic blemishes. Therefore, one can’t be sure if it will deliver the right quality or not. Reconditioned products, on the other hand, are well tested for quality, which ensures they perform optimally.



Very few suppliers offer warranty while selling refurbished products. The chances of getting warranty are more with reconditioned parts. For example, Need-a-wheel offers lifetime structural warranty for wheels sold by it.



As it is not necessary that all the issues of a refurbished product are fixed, it might be risky to use them. Reconditioned, by definition means well tested, which ensures you don’t have to worry about the safety.

All these points reveal that it is always a wise idea to choose reconditioned parts rather than refurbished ones. If you are looking OEM wheels that are reconditioned, you can trust Need-a-Wheel. This online store is famous for Mercedes OEM wheels that are available at economical rates. One can also get Ford OEM wheels through the store.

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