9 Steps To Replace A Wheel

Lexus GX470 oem wheels 17x7.5" stock rims 74167If you are ordering a wheel online, you can visit your mechanic for wheel replacement purpose. You can also do it on your own and save few bucks. Through this blog post, we discuss some the major steps for replacing a wheel.

What is needed for replacement?

To replace a wheel on your own, you will require:

  • Locking wheel nut
  • Wheel brace
  • Vehicle jack
  • Handbook of manufacturer
  • Replacement wheel

Follow these steps for wheel replacement:

  1. Perform the replacement at a flat level location that is completely safe instead of the main road.
  2. Apply the handbrake, put emergency warning triangle, and wear a reflective jacket.
  3. Use the wheel brace for loosening the wheel bolts. Locking wheel nut tool is required for the final bolt. Avoid removing the bolts completely.
  4. After the bolts have been loosened, use the manufacturer’s handbook to locate best jacking point for the car.
  5. Use the jack to raise the vehicle until your tire is clearly above the ground. Check that the jack is secure before using it.
  6. Next step is to remove the bolts completely. Keep the bolts in a safe place.
  7. To fit the new wheel, the holes should be aligned with the hubs. This is followed by putting the bolts back in.
  8. Use the jack to lower back the vehicle on the ground. Tighten the bolds after the wheels are on the ground. Use the wheel brace to tighten the bolts.
  9. Check the instructions related to the replaced wheel.

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