7 Signs That You are in Love with Your Car

Do you know if you are in love with your car?

Cars are one of the greatest inventions by mankind. Those who love their cars will surely agree with this statement.

Here we discuss some signs to show that you are in love with your car.

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Car cleaning is your obsession

You perform this task for an hour or even more than that. The aim is to make sure that every inch of it is shining.

It’s like second home to you

From taking naps to keeping some essential stuff, you have spent a lot of time in it.

You love to read about cars

Whether it is a magazine on how to take care of your car or an online article discussing the functioning of car parts, you are attracted to everything that talks about cars.

Your friends call you for suggestions

You are the first person that comes to the mind of your friends or family when they want an advice on buying a car or car accessories.

Your conversations have hints of your car love

You often use analogies and examples related to cars even in general discussions.

You know where to get economical parts

You do a lot of research before purchasing car parts to ensure that you receive finest quality at reasonable prices.

Your social media profile is flooded with its images

You have more pictures of your car on Facebook and Instagram than your own. There is also a possibility that your car has an Instagram profile of its own.


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