6 Top cleaning tips for BMW wheels

Top cleaning tips for BMW wheels

If you love your BMW, you must be aware of the fact that wheels are one of its focal points. There is a reason why BMW wheels come in several sizes and styles for each vehicle. A shiny and sharp set of wheels help you leave a good impression while driving your car. Therefore, ignoring the cleanliness part is something you must avoid.

Through this blog post, we discuss some tips and tricks on keeping your BMW clean.


Choose the right cleaner

There are numerous cleaners in the market, but if we are talking about BMW cars, Wheel Cleaner Gel from BMW is the best option. But keep in mind that the most effective cleaner is soapy water. Applied every week at cleaning intervals will do.

Die-hard fans will tell you that to effectively clean your wheels, the best policy is to remove the wheel first. It’s an excellent idea to remove brake dust and dirt from the inner folds of any rim. But, who has the time? Just keep a car cleaning schedule to ensure your vehicle is always presentable.


Wax the wheels

After thoroughly cleaning the wheel, you could put a layer of carnauba wax to protect the wheels. It will also increase the rim’s shine and help protect them from dirt and brake dust attachment. Just keep in mind that waxing works best on painted or powder coated BMW wheels.


Things to avoid

Refrain from using polishing compounds, steel wool, or abrasive cleaners, as these can be harmful for the wheels. They may scratch its protective coating, even your wheel finish.


Check before giving your car for automatic wash

Many automatic car wash services rely on acid-based cleaners to facilitate the removal of sticky deposits. They may even use cleaning brushes that are below par. Therefore, ask the service provider about what products they use before giving your car for a wash.


Let the car cool before washing it

If you wash the car before it gets cooled off, the water will evaporate quicker. This may result in soap spots on your car and its wheels. Also, avoid spraying the wheel region while it’s hot, as it may result in warping deterioration of your brake discs.



Make sure to use a combination of these tricks and tips to maintain the shine and appearance of your wheels. If you are looking for reconditioned OEM wheels for BMW, check the options at Need-a-Wheel.com. This online store offers BMW factory wheels at highly discounted rates, without any compromise with the quality or appearance.


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