Audi WheelsSmartphones have penetrated in almost every activity of our personal and professional life. Whether you want to search information instantly or purchase something online, smartphone can help you in the process. There are also various smartphone applications to enhance your driving experience.

  1. iOnRoad

As the name suggests, the app acts as an eye that tracks the surrounding vehicles with the help of your phone’s camera. You will receive tailgating alert, high-speed alert, collision warning, or driving analytics.

  1. Parkopedia

We believe you have already guessed the function of this app. This app is parking spots’ encyclopedia. The app has coverage of more than 25 million parking spaces in 30 countries.

  1. iGasUp

You can easily locate a place that is providing gas at cheapest rates with this app. The app gives information of ten fuel stations in the nearby regions.

  1. AccuFuel

Check the details of your fuel comprehensibly with this app. You can switch between metric, SAE, and imperial fuel use while using the app.

  1. Dynolicious

It is an iOS app responsible for measure the car’s performance. The quality of the measurement can be compared to any sophisticated car testing equipment. The app utilizes built-in accelerometer of iPhone for examining quarter-mile elapsed time, horsepower, and 0-60 acceleration of car. You can get it for 12.99 dollars.

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